Why Moomser Food

I’m not a food professional, I’ve never worked in the food service industry in any capacity, I was never so much as a waitress in a restaurant. So I have no qualifications to write about food. But since I have to cook every day, I figured I might as well make it fun and not tedious, right?
What you’ll find here are easy recipes, home cooking that anyone can do (really, anyone), with clear, easy to follow directions – and if that’s not the case, please let me know! Hopefully, you’ll be able to turn to this blog when you really don’t know what to cook for dinner and you need a little inspiration. Any suggestions are welcome (I enjoy constructive criticism!). So come over and visit every once in a while, tell me if you like  the sound of a recipe and please let me know if you’ve tried one, if you liked it and what changes you made, maybe we can inspire each other!
Oh, and since I have a baby and a toddler I’ll label the recipes that are appropriate for those age groups and if there are any changes that you can make before feeding them to your kiddos. (Although, you’ll find more baby stuff on Moomser Baby.)
Ta ta for now!